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Help keep CCM Rewound on the air!

CCM Rewound has been, and continues to be a labor of love. Countless hours and financial resources have gone into making us one of the most popular Christian radio stations on the internet.
As you already realize, CCM Rewound is commercial-free, and totally free for you to listen to. However, streaming, web-hosting and licensing fees, as well as everyday maintenance cost $$$
If you are blessed, encouraged and renewed in your faith by the classic Christian hits heard on CCM Rewound, please consider becoming a monthly underwriter, or making a one-time donation to help with our ongoing expenses. If everyone that listened gave at least $20 per month (the cost of many subscription music services), we would be able to operate in the black and provide the resources to reach out to more people with this life-changing music and message. With that said, we understand not everyone is able to donate, while others are in a better position to give more. Here are some options for underwriting CCM Rewound:
1. $20 (Monthly Sustainer)
2. $50 (Monthly Super-Sustainer)
3. $100 (Monthly Super-Duper Sustainer!)
4. $500 (one-time)
5. $1000 (one-time)
5. Other amount: $_________
Bottom line: No gift is too small (or large for that matter, lol). And unless you prefer otherwise, we'll even thank you personally on the air and on our websites!

Even if you don't have a PayPal account, you can donate using a major credit or debit card.  Please be aware that donations to CCM Rewound are NOT tax deductible, as we are not a 5013c organization.

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