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Frequently Anticipated Questions..

What is CCM Rewound?
CCM Rewound is an online oldies radio station playing the classic radio hits the formative years of Contemporary Christian Music, covering a 25 year period from the late 70’s to the early 00’s, with an emphasis on the 1980’s and 90’s.
What are some of the songs CCM Rewound plays?
That’s for you to find out by tuning in, lol! We will say that you will hear ...from a diverse group of artists including Andrae Crouch, Phil Keaggy, Petra, Point of Grace, Steve Taylor, Leslie Phillips, Newsboys, ZOEgirl…. Does that give you a general idea of how far across the map we will be?
Why another online station? There are so many.
While numerous online radio stations playing Christian music tend to focus on a particular decade or genre (rock, inspirational, adult contemporary), CCM Rewound is breaking the traditional rules a bit and our presentation is in a style reminiscent of Top 40 radio. In addition, many Internet radio stations tend to be the owners' personal playlist, and are poorly programmed with huge gaps between the songs and inferior audio processing. CCM Rewound's mix is fast-paced and exciting to listen to.. and we don't have to remind you of what station you're listening to between every song!
Are there programs and featurettes like other Christian stations?
Twice each weekday, multigenerational Christian communicator Ron Hutchcraft shares thoughts from the Word of God on his program "A Word With You". Otherwise, CCM Rewound is exclusively music. There are countless other stations on the web as well as traditional radio stations that air a combination of programs and music. On the weekends we feature specialty programming such as "Full Circle", a classic "Jesus Music" show hosted by Jerry Bryant, and occasional live Saturday afternoons hosed by Brian Fisher and others.  CCM Rewound’s emphasis will always be music.
Are there be commercials on “CCM Rewound”?
CCM Rewound is like an “iPod shuffle” with back to back music, as such we have no plans to sell commercial time or ads. We actively, yet tastefully, solicit donations here and on-the-air to help keep CCM Rewound up-and-running, in order that we can remain commercial-free​. In the future, we may supplement donations with the sale of "goodies" such as T-shirts and coffee mugs, and have display ads on the website.
Is “CCM Rewound” a ministry?
Well, yes… and no. There is a tendency in the Christian community to label anything connected with the Gospel of Jesus Christ “ministry”. This can be inaccurate at best and misleading at worst. With that said, “CCM Rewound” is NOT designed to be ministry, but rather entertainment. Yet, “ministry” can take place as a bi-product – whether it’s a song reflecting a particular truth that needs to be reinforced in our lives, reflections from an artist’s view of life and faith, or simply old memories rekindled. Many of the early Christian music stations adopted as their slogan “The Message Is in the Music”. And while “CCM Rewound” is not officially using that slogan, it pretty much sums up who we are.
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