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Saturdays at 12:00 noon

Sundays at 8:00 pm

    (both ET)

While CCM Rewound focuses on the "Golden Years" of contemporary Christian music, there were a lot of artists and songs that laid the foundation of CCM that have all been lost in the "iPod shuffle".


Jerry Bryant, an veteran Christian radio personality, realized this and returned to his early Christian radio roots by creating "Full Circle", a one-hour weekly show that focuses on the music and artists of the "Jesus Music" era such as Malcolm & Alwyn, The Way, Love Song, Ernie Rettino and Debby Kerner, Albrecht, Roley & Moore, and many others. In addition to the songs, you will also hear conversations with many of these artists as they share fascinating recollections of what it was like to be "trailblazers", and how they apply those early experiences to living out their faith today.


CCM Rewound is proud to be the U.S. internet radio affiliate for "Full Circle". Tune in every Saturday afternoon at 12 noon, or Sunday night at 8:00 (both times eastern),  and we'll "take you back to where it all began!".





A recent conversation CCM Rewound's Brian Fisher had with Jerry Bryant (29m)

Contact Jerry by visiting his "Full Circle" webpage!

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